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Attention Seniors over 62.

On the fence as to whether to take out a Reverse Mortgage on your home? The time to act is now! The Corona Virus is quickly changing the Mortgage and Real Estate industry’s. Don’t Miss the Boat! Call Your Local Reverse Mortgage expert today before it’s too late!

Watch our video on the Reverse Mortgage Benefits:

The Corona Virus has been a game changer in both the mortgage and real estate markets. Lenders are tightening their guidelines daily and making it harder for seniors to gain access to their hard-earned equity. Home values are at an all-time high but may be seriously affected soon and if so, may not recover for years! Cash-Out Mortgages are the first victim of this crises, they now cost an additional 5% as of 04/30/2020! But, not with the HECM Reverse Mortgage, You will receive a home Equity Line of Credit that grows monthly and cannot be closed! See my video below! Act now before it is too late! SMS is a LOCAL company, right here in Jupiter and has served The State of Florida since 2015. Our owner has excelled in the mortgage industry for over 33 years and brings that experience to your door, customer service at its finest! In home applications and closings, the old-fashioned way!

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Now is the time to act with a Reverse Mortgage

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How does the Reverse Mortgage Work?

You have worked hard your entire life to build up your home’s equity, isn’t it time that your home paid you back? Well, FHA insures the HECM reverse mortgage which allows you to use your home as a tool to fund your retirement.

Many seniors are still having to pay each month a mortgage payment this is seriously impacting the quality of those seniors retirement. What if you could use all the built up equity in your home to generate a new income source, this would greatly improve the quality of your retirement.

This is what the reverse mortgage program was designed for. Seniors are taking advantage of the low interest rate environment and the ability to qualify for a reverse mortgage loan without having income or credit scores to meet. There are no payments to be made (you are only responsible for the property taxes, insurance, and home maintenance expenses). Call us today for a FREE, No Obligation Consultation and find out how we can help…



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